BioCosmos Africa and intelligent design

BioCosmos Africa is an association that will present the view of Intelligent Design which is a relatively new branch of science.

Our desire is to present convincing evidence on this webpage for intelligent agency in nature.

Intelligent Design is a scientific theory that holds that many features in the universe and life are best explained by an intelligent cause!



by Dr. Casey Luskin, Hallie Kemper and Gary Kemper When arguing that ID is not science, critics often contend that...

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What is the scientific theory of Intelligent Design

by professor emeritus Kjell J. Tveter, board member BioCosmos Africa Foundation To understand Intelligent Design, it is necessary to present the prevailing view of science. In the Western World Natural Science is defined as the systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation. The scientific community has decided that the interpretation of the results of

Why Intelligent Design is a scientific theory

This article is from the book “Signature in the cell” by dr. Stephen Meyer How to define science ? Stephen Meyer write that he as a philosopher of science, always have thought there was something odd and even disingenuous about the objection that intelligent design is not scientific. The argument shifts the focus from an interesting question of truth to a

The Pacific Golden Plover

I want to draw to your attention a migratory bird and use it as an example of nature’s greatness – or the mystery of nature. Many things happen that we just take for granted without a moment’s thought. The story of a bird called the Pacific golden plover might open our eyes to something that is impossible to understand and


Introduction to Intelligent Design and Neo Darwinian Evolution by Dr. Casey Luskin, Discovery Institute, US

The Workhorse of the Cell: Kinesin
The War on Humans from Discovery Institute