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Professor Emeritus Kjell J. Tveter

Board Member BioCosmos Africa

Professor Tveter has written 5 books about the scientific theory of Intelligent Design, 3 of them are translated into English, A short introduction to Intelligent Design, The majesty and mystery of life, and How and why the west lost its faith, Professor Tveter is with his 86 year of age a senior advisor and public lecturer within the theory of Intelligent Design,

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Mr. Rune Solli

Board Member BioCosmos Africa

Rune Solli is Cand.Mag.  in Analytical Chemistry & IT Technology from University of Agder, Norway. He has a broad experience in IT-technology, systems development and IT operation. He has established and lead the technical team responsible for the operation of Norway’s largest industrial concerns enterprise systems worldwide.

As Compliance Manger in Procurement and Category Manager in Norway’s largest IT-company he has a deep and broad experience in international business management and culture.

Seeking new experience and challenges he is now implementing innovative solutions of cutting-edge IT technology into new areas of health care and medical assistance

His passion for nature is not only academic but also put into practices as a beekeeper. Studying these small creatures making up a complex social network of coordinated work, highly adaptive to different circumstances, never stops to fascinating him. Having a good harvest of different kinds of good honey is a great bonus!

Nature is also explored through numerous private hiking-, kayaking- and canoe expedition in the Northen countries, arctic areas close to the north pole and Alaska.

He is an alumnus of the Discovery Institute, Centre for Science and Culture in Seattle, USA where he is trained in Intelligent Design.


Mr. Dag Kr. Norli

CEO/Chair BioCosmos Africa & BioCosmos Tanzania & Board Member, BioCosmos Kenya

Mr. Dag Kr. Norli is the Chair/CEO of the Norwegian trust BioCosmos Africa which is the mother trust of BioCosmos Tanzania & BioCosmos Kenya, and he is in-charge of all operation of the trust. His educational background from Norwegian school of management, BI and as well work experience is in Business, Management and International Marketing. He has worked in leading positions in Norwegian companies with international business and has for the 15 last years travelled worldwide and have through the years gained a lot of international cultural experience and understanding. He has been the architect behind the organizational structure of BioCosmos and is the initiator and founder of BioCosmos Kenya and BioCosmos Tanzania.

He is an alumnus of the Discovery Institute, Center for Science and Culture in Seattle, USA where trained in Intelligent Design in the Natural Sciences and also attended the African Seminar on Intelligent Design. Mr. Norli has for years studied and read various books on the subject of Intelligent Design.