Darwin Devolves by Michael J. Behe

The New Science about DNA That challenges Evolution

Michael Behe’s latest book was published in March

2019. It has the title “Darwin Devolves”, with the subtitle “The New Science About DNA That Chal- lenges Evolution.” The main message of this book is that all mutations which can result in an advan- tage, will also result in degradation of the geno- me. Every mutation normally results in the loss of some of the information in DNA. Evolution can explain certain changes in organisms, which almost always happens by the breaking down of genes, and not by the forming of new ones. When organisms seem to develop, to evolve, they in fact devolve, which prevents a future evolution. Behe points out that in order to understand life, we have to understand its molecular basis. Life is all about molecules and genes, that is to say biochemistry. The same applies to evolution. In DNA it changes the sequence of nucleotides, and in proteins the sequence of amino acids. The major advances in modern science have made it possible to analyze and assess whether the mechanisms of evolution are at all able to explain the diversity of life and its complexity

In his first book “Darwin’s Black Box”, Behe introduced the concept “irre- ducible complexity”, which means that the systems consisting of many elements, must be complete in order to be active. If one single part is removed from the system, it will not be able to function. In this last book, he describes even more such irreducible systems. Images of the hip-joint of the plant hopper show that it consists of a cog wheel that rotates at very high speed, and makes it able to jump much further than 100 times its own length. Then the cog wheels spin, moving 50,000 teeth every second! Behe also discusses vision. Darwinists such as Richard Dawkins have argued that the structure of the eye shows poor de- sign, since the light-sensitive nerve cells are on the back of the retina, meaning that a designer, a God, could not have been behind such a faulty construction. Now newer studies show that the eye is equipped with cells that have fiber-optic cables that are nothing short of miraculous, which even some scientists refer to as “designed”. Behe also mentions how simple bacteria are able to construct a system for using geomagnetism. It’s exciting reading!